Whether it’s an audience of board members, executives or professional advisors, Sonya relishes the opportunity to inspire and inform people on what makes for effective boards and the best leadership teams.

Governance by Design focuses on individual solutions and results for the future, and as such, Sonya is experienced in presenting on a range of topics and issues to suit the specific audience and their needs.

From evaluating performance of boards and senior executives; to how to ensure your board structure is right; to the importance of a company’s constitution in establishing the governance framework, presentations and conference papers are designed to provide actionable information.



Keynote Presentations:

Everyone wants the ‘right’ people on their board, but who are they exactly? The future of good governance is in attracting people to your board to ensure a mix of expertise and experience that is best for your organisation and its strategic direction.


Recent & Past Engagements:

Symposium – March 18, 2017: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia

  • Exploring your CLC’s appetite for risk: understanding organisational risk appetite and systems for the effective management of risk – Community Legal Centres Queensland
  • Television Education Network 3rd Annual Not for Profits and Charities Regulatory Conference
  • Corporate governance best practice in NFP space – Television Education Network 5th Annual Not for Profits and Charities Regulatory Conference
  • NFP Organisations: what role do you play? – Queensland Law Society Symposium and Open Day
  • Good Boards – Community Legal Centres Queensland Conference
  • Maximising school board value  at the Television Education Network 3rd Annual Schools Law & Regulation Conference


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