Evaluate and enhance your Board’s performance

To ensure a Board is working to its maximum potential and effectiveness, annual evaluations and performance reviews are recommended.

At Governance by Design, we believe any form of assessment must be carried out with a view to identifying areas for improvement so that Boards can move to action recommendations and enhance effectiveness.

Even the best performance-focused Boards can improve.

Board evaluations may be carried out in many forms, including internal, external and online assessments and are developed in context for each board.

The four fundamental elements considered include:

  • Positions and responsibilities: a review of how the board and management understand their roles and associated responsibilities.
  • Effective decision-making: we look at how the Board carries out its primary purpose of making decisions and how that can be optimised.
  • Capabilities: we investigate the Board dynamics including the composition of the Board, interaction and engagement of Board members, and contributions of Board members and the Chair.
  • Governance systems: we review the framework (committees, board structure, governance processes etc.) through which the the Board operates.

At the conclusion of the Board evaluation, the Board will be provided with feedback on the areas of strength and areas of improvement for:

  • the Board as a whole;
  • committees of the Board (if you wish to include them in the process);
  • specific roles within the Board.


Added Board culture review option – how are you setting the tone from the top?

In keeping with contemporary issues facing Boards, Governance by Design offers the opportunity as part of the Board review process, to include Emotional Intelligence as an element evaluation your Board culture.

Through the use of Emotional Intelligence surveys and interviews with directors and/or management, this element of a Board evaluation gives directors an insight into individual and group communication, decision-making and leadership styles and how that affects the culture.

These evaluations give invaluable insight into the individual behaviours as well as group dynamics, and can include individual and/or group debriefs.

A leadership evaluation of this kind for directors can provide a competitive edge for future-focused Boards who want to enhance their decision-making capabilities and set the ‘tone from the top’.


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