For Committees and Boards

board performance evaluation

Here we assess the past performance of the board and set KPIs for the future. This assists board performance and enables directors to operate to their best ability.

It’s recommended board’s undertake annual evaluation, to allow directors to reflect on success and identify areas for improvement.

For some, there is a compliance obligation to undertake a board evaluation, and there is fatigue in this space. The Board Performance Evaluation offering is therefore tailored to your organisation’s needs.


Board Skills Matrix

The Board Skills Matrix offering can be run in conjunction with a Board Performance Evaluation or can be undertaken as an independent service offering.

Assessment of board composition is good practice.  As the Board is responsible for ensuring an organisation meets its strategic objectives, the skills and knowledge of the Board of Directors should be assessed to ensure the appropriate board composition.

Preparing a Board Skills Matrix as a succession planning tool is helpful during director recruitment as it makes for a more rigorous and transparent process around the skills and experience being sought by the board.

Further, it can used as a performance tool to test if your board has mix of wisdom and experience it needs to perform at its best.

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