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Taking an individual approach to governance

While the legal duties underpinning governance are black and white, applying and implementing effective leadership and decision-making in order to maximise performance and success, isn't.

Each organisation is unique: each entity has specific goals, a distinctive membership or shareholder base with their own expectations, and an explicit marketplace in which to operate.

The leadership teams are also exclusive to each organisation, with each board and CEO a unique mix of individuals who bring to the table their own decision-making styles and ideas which impact on how they govern and consequently, an organisations' effectiveness.

Taking a blanket approach to governance then, doesn't enable those three pillars - the Board, the management or the members - the opportunity to realise their full effectiveness.

Governance by Design is about taking an original and distinctive approach to governance, to suit the specific organisation and leadership teams.

We work one-on-one with teams to find an ideal fit rather than forcing teams to try and adopt a blanket style of leadership that may not suit the organisation, the team members or the goals they are working towards.

Good governance means systems, processes, relationships and rules but what does all of that specifically mean?

We help unpack all of this, so your board understands it, and can identify the effectiveness of the organisation separate to themselves.

For an organisation to perform at its best, the Board of Directors and CEO need to work seamlessly together in the best interests of the members/shareholders.

Having a clear understanding of the separate roles and responsibilities, as well as the objectives and the legal framework by which they need to be met, is vital for sound governance and sustainable and effective growth.

So too is developing a working relationship in which both the Board and the CEO can effectively communicate and know that they are on the same page in driving their organisation forward and building for the future.

We work with boards and management teams to improve their performance and effectiveness.

We address individual leadership styles and help board members use an understanding of the neuroscience of decision-making.

This helps them improve their ability to fulfill compliance-focused tasks and meet legal and reporting requirements as well as drive the strategic direction of an organisation and work more efficiently in assisting management to deliver those outcomes.

An eye on the future

The world is changing at a rapid rate, and while it's imperative to keep up with changes to governance laws, good governance now also requires Board's to keep an eye on the future and making sure the organisation stays relevant to emerging generations of potential members/shareholders, and making decisions for long term-sustainability.

It means meeting new challenges in the regulatory environment and being ahead of what is now considered a landscape of consumer regulation.

Most importantly, Boards need to consider how their organisation can stay relevant in the digital age to a membership/shareholder base with different expectations to what they once might have.

All of this is possible through governance designed specifically for your organisation.


About GBD founding director Sonya Beyers

While I have worked in law firms specialising in corporate and trust structures, taxation arrangements, contract negotiation and company sales and acquisitions, my move into corporate governance consultancy has allowed me the opportunity to combine my expertise as a lawyer with my love of connecting with people.


In private law practice I used to be told I risked becoming too close to clients as I enjoyed working closely with them.

What was perceived as a potential negative as a solicitor, now works in my favour as a governance consultant and strengthens my ability to assist teams to succeed.

Each individual client I work with is just as important to me as the next and I value giving each client the distinct attention they need.

No one client is the same as the next - everything about the people and the organisation is unique and as such, each project is exciting to work on.

My knowledge as a lawyer of course allows me to provide assistance in troubleshooting a range of constitutional, legal and governance issues but as an experienced board member myself, I also understand the human-side of governance and decision-making.

Over the past decade, I've worked with a diverse range of organisations, including government-owned corporations, statutory bodies, professional bodies, public companies limited by shares/guarantee, charities, private companies, and trusts.

Each time is a fascinating exploration and design of leadership, teamwork and accomplishment.

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