Constitutional Review

constitution review

Your organisation’s constitution is the primary set of rules of your organisation, setting out how the board operates and the objectives for all stakeholders, and as such, performance of your organisation hinges on a well-designed document.

As the guiding document for all decision-making, it is critical it remain relevant, up-to-date and designed in accordance with contemporary governance practice.

An up-to-date constitution guides effective decision-making by the board, ensures decisions are taken within the bounds of existing governance practice within your organisation, and enables sound leadership at the executive level.

In reviewing your organisation’s constitution, you can expect:

  • it is aligned with any recent strategy shift;
  • it complies with any recent changes to the law;
  • it is relevant to the current market;
  • is aligned with current expectations of the Board and Executive.

This is a particularly useful service if your organisation has not reviewed its constitution for some time, or has previously adopted a generic constitution which requires adaptation to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.


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