Governance for Executive Teams

executive team trainingOur workshops for CEOs and executive management teams help them understand and adopt a director’s mindset, making for improved communication between the executive and board.

The purpose of this workshop is to ensure CEO’s and executive management provide information directors most need, so that reporting and communication is more effective, with the ultimate goal of saving time and repetition.

Understanding the crucial delineation between the role of the executive and a board’s role makes for better informed decision-making, and provides the board with confidence that the management team focuses on strategy.

In this workshop we cover:

  • reporting to the board, identifying relevant information and how it should be presented;
  • how to best seek board engagement and buy-in;
  • feedback on board papers and supporting board material; 
  • areas for improvement including team dynamics, review processes and ongoing checks;
  • and balances needed to drive more effective decision making.
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